Why enrol with Emeritus Business College?

Track Record and Reputation

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Since commencing our ACCA services, we have consistently produced results that have exceeded national pass rate averages. Several graduates from our programmes have obtained top national honours in their fields of study.

Qualified, Skilled and Experienced Tutors

All programmes are planned and delivered by suitably experienced and qualified tutors. These tutors are carefully selected on the basis of their qualifications, skills as well as practical and theoretical experience in both tutoring students as well as in their fields of expertise.

Both individual students and corporate clients who may wish to know more about the tutoring capabilities, style and approach adopted by any of our tutors prior to finalising their registration with us may request to attend an interview and/or lecture from such a tutor prior to their registration at no cost.

For more information on our tutors, please contact us.

Quality Approach to Course and Service Delivery

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All internal business functions and processes are performed in accordance with strictly enforced ACCA quality management principles, standards and work procedures relating to recommended course duration and structure.

For class programmes, all courses are delivered in accordance with approved subject work plans designed to provide comprehensive coverage of each syllabus. The work plans also include known areas of importance or complexity and provide guidance regarding questions that should be practised at different stages of the delivery process. In this regard, each work plan incorporates a combination of assignments, class tests, self-assessments and mock examinations.

Initial Interviews

All students registering for any of our programmes are required to attend an initial interview prior to their admission, as well as undertake any initial assessments that may be considered necessary by their tutors.

These interviews provide opportunities for students to address any questions or concerns they may have prior to their admission. In addition, the interviews assist us to better understand and qualify student needs, attitudes, challenges and career plans and thereby ensure that appropriate advice is provided.

Continuous Assessments

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Our track record and reputation is ultimately built on the nature and quality of the continuous assessment approach that we adopt. All registered students are continuously assessed throughout the semester or programme.

Interviews with each student are undertaken at various stages of each semester. These interviews focus on overall student performance and examination preparedness with a view to identifying and implementing appropriate corrective measures.

Flexible Study Methods and Times

We offers both full time, part time and blended learning services and solutions. Our students are thus able to choose a range of different study methods and options across both week and weekend timetables that best suit their needs, availability and budget.

Small Classes, Personal Attention

We are conscious of the need for students to work at their own pace using their own learning styles. Wherever possible, we therefore seek to restrict the number of students in any of our classes or webinars to as may be required. Ultimately, our approach to course delivery ensures that each student receives the personal attention, student support and advice that is so necessary for ensuring their success. In essence, we consider the success of our students to be paramount in determining our own.

Pass Guarantee Scheme

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Based on our proven approach to service delivery, and the small class sizes, we offer a Pass Guarantee scheme to all students who register with us for class based programmes. Students must also comply with various eligibility criteria - for more information, please contact us.

Convenient Location

We are conveniently located in Kensington, Johannesburg with easy access to secure parking facilities, public transport, a range of affordable student accommodation establishments as well as shopping and recreation facilities. Foreign students should contact us for more information regarding assistance available with regard to student visa requirements, travel arrangements and local living expenses.

One Stop Source for Study Materials

All students registering for any of our professional accounting programmes may place orders with us for study materials. While we are a Kaplan Publishing distributor and are able to offer excellent pricing to registered students, we do also source materials from other publishers such as BPP and Getting Through Guides for our students.

Comprehensive Information Centre

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A critical factor in ensuring success in exams is to have rapid and full access to a wide range of current electronic resources. These facilities include question banks, assessment tests and mock exams as well as resources available from examining bodies and other web sites.

Once a student is registered with us, tutors then work with their students to ensure that the appropriate resources are made available and then used as required at the appropriate times within the delivery of the academic programmes.

Information centre facilities are also available during normal operating hours (including Saturdays and Sundays) so as to further assist students with their studies and exam preparation.

Where necessary, students are actively guided in the use of the Internet for research and self study purposes as a means of enriching their overall learning experience.

Affordable Fees and Flexible Payment Plans

We strive at all times to ensure that each of our programmes and study options offer excellent value for money without sacrificing quality standards. In addition we offer standard and extended payment plans for self sponsored students. For more information regarding fees and payment plans, please contact us.

Continuous Student Support and Counselling

Our quality management processes are specifically designed to easily and rapidly identify students who may be experiencing difficulties with their studies. Once identified, such students are interviewed / counselled with a view to identifying and implementing required corrective actions. The effectiveness and impact of these corrective actions on the students' studies is regularly monitored throughout the programme.


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